The Multi-cuisine in-house Restaurant serves a wide range of cuisines from around the world. Be it the daily Breakfast Buffet or the A la Carte selections, the Guests can enjoy a choice of Arabic, Indian, Chinese and other International dishes either by the Dine-in or Room Service facility.


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Health Benefits of Continental Food

Different regions around the world have their own unique cuisines that reflect the stories of the place and its cultures and tradition. From Indian, to Japanese, Lebanese, to Chinese, and Continental, all of these have their own memorable taste. Continental food in particular is becoming more and more popular not only for its taste but also for its health benefits.

What is Continental Food? Continental food refers to cuisines prepared in the European continent. A Continental platter essentially doesn’t contain Indian and Chinese cuisines but only French and Mediterranean dishes. The Italian, French, and Europe’s Spanish parts all have continental dishes focusing more on wine, garlic, olive oil and a variety of spices and herbs.

Different Classifications of Continental Food

1. British – The British food has something to do with United Kingdom’s food culture. British continental food is primarily popular for “full breakfast.” Cheese, ham, breads, salami, pies, pastries, tea, hamburger, butter, jam, and coffee are among the key food items being served in an English breakfast.

2. Italian cuisine – This is famous for its different types of dishes perfect for all occasions. The most distinct feature of Italian cuisine is that this is different from one region to another. This is considered as one of the world’s richest cuisines.
3. American – The American cuisine has been classified into different regions namely North American cuisine, South American cuisine, and Latin American cuisine. Americans has very rich and diverse cooking style.

4. Russian cuisine, Hungarian cuisine, Armenian cuisine and cuisines from other countries in Europe belong to this specific to this specific category of Continental food.

5. New Zealand Food – Also called Oceanian cuisine, this is primarily popular for seafood. Most Popular Recipes for Continental Food
• Welsh cake – This is a special type of British cake famous in international cuisine.
• Tiramisu – This is among the most famous Italian desserts well-loved as continental food in international cuisine.
• Yorkshire Pudding – This is a type of pudding primarily served as British Sunday food.
• Sunday Roast – This is a roasted meat dish being served as the main dish in the continental cuisines.
• Egg Noodles – These are noodles prepared with egg with a special spot in continental cuisine.
• Kidney Pie – This is also among the famous vegetarian continental dishes prepared using kidney beans.
• Black Bean Pizza – This is a type of pizza prepared using black bean as well as other kinds of flavored ingredients.
• Chocolate Pudding with Tropical Fruits – This sweet delight is made even richer with the addition of fresh tropical fruits.
• Lobster Continental – In continental food, lobster is among the primary seafood item that is served with rice.
• Virginia Roast Pork – As among the main food items in continental cuisine, pork serves as the base of most non-vegetarian continental cuisine.
• Baked Sole Fillets – Baking method is used for cooking sole fillets, a famous gourmet continental cuisine.
Continental Food and Its Health Benefits

Continental dishes prepared by roasting, grilling, and stewing method have low calories since these make use of less fat. The continental food is primarily composed of high protein items such as meats and eggs. Seafood also contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and is among the primary food items in the continental dishes.

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